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Buy and support the restoration of Milan Duomo

  • Made in Italy
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  • Add your name to the Donors Register
  • SPECIAL EDITION- special handmade gilding with gold-effect leaf


The famous Duomo Cuckoo is tinged with gold in this SPECIAL EDITION.


Made in Italy by Diamantini&Domeniconi, the Duomo cuckoo "Golden Edition" is cared for in every detail by the skilled hands of Italian watchmakers and gilders, expert and attentive craftsmen who have created this unique and original design object for the Veneranda Fabbrica, today even more precious thanks to the special gold-effect leaf gilding applied by hand.

Also in this golden version ad Special edition, perfect for furnishing the home or office, the Cuckoo reproduces with a modern and essential style the famous facade of the symbolic monument of the city of Milan, studded with its splendid spiers and made pop by the automatic cuckoo that rings the hours of the day.


It is possible to associate a donation worth €20.00 destined for the "Get Your Spire. Carve your name in history" project and sign your name in the Veneranda Fabbrica's Donor Register. To do so, just add the donation of €20.00 to the cart in addition to the Cuckoo clock.

Duomo cuckoo - Golden Edition

SKU: DESI-1010