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Consumer Rights and Customer Service Rules


To provide you with precise and correct service and information, please be reminded that you have no right to withdraw from the sales contract concluded on the purchase made by you at the Duomo Shop, unless any defects of conformity of the product with the sales contract occur, for which you have the right to a legal warranty pursuant to articles 128 – 135 septies of Legislative Decree No. 206 of 6 September 2005 (hereinafter, the “Consumer Code”), according to the main directions provided in the following.
A defect of conformity means the situation where the product purchased by the consumer fails to conform with the sales contract. The warranty for a defect of conformity applies in accordance with the law to a product which has certain defects of conformity with the sales contract which exist at the time of delivery and become apparent within two years of that moment, provided that the product has been stored in accordance with the instructions found on the package or labels and has been used correctly and with necessary diligence by the consumer, or in compliance with its intended use and what is provided by any documentation accompanying the product (such as, by way of example but not limited to, the product label). There is no defect of conformity if, at the moment of conclusion of the contract, the consumer is specifically informed that a particular feature of the product deviates from the objective requirements of conformity as laid down according to the law, and the consumer expressly and separately accepts such deviation at the moment of conclusion of the sales contract, or if the defect of conformity arises from instructions or materials provided by the consumer.
By example, but not limited to, Fabbrica Servizi S.r.l. is not responsible for any damages and /or defects in connection with or arising from:
− ordinary wear of the product;
− carelessness in using and storing the product;
− improper use, negligent use, or misuse of the product by the consumer;
− small imperfections associated with machining and special finishing processes.
Fabbrica Servizi S.r.l. reserves the right to verify the actual existence of the defect reported.
If a defect of conformity of a product is found, the action to rely on the defect of conformity becomes statute barred, in any event, within 26 (twenty-six) months from the date of delivery of the product.
To report a defect of conformity you must fill the “Complaint Form” available at the Duomo Shop and / or to be requested via e-mail at the address
Please note that the “Complaint Form” must have attached to it a copy of the proof of purchase of the product (sales receipt), otherwise it will be impossible to enforce the legal warranty of conformity provided by the Consumer Code.
In case of a defect of conformity reported according to the aforesaid methods, Fabbrica Servizi S.r.l., pursuant to art. 135 quater of the Consumer Code, will offer to you the reduction in the price paid at the moment of purchase, proportionate to the decrease in the value of the product, or the termination of the sales contract, except where the defect of conformity is minor, and, subject to restitution of the product, without surcharge, to Fabbrica Servizi s.r.l. to the address 20122 Milano, Via C. M. Martini 1, with the original wrapping and including any and all accessories, will reimburse the price paid for the purchase of the defective product.
If, on the other hand, you are interested in the restoration to conformity of the purchased product, you have the right to request either the repair or the replacement of the defective product, with no surcharge, unless the requested remedy is objectively impossible or imposes costs on Fabbrica Servizi S.r.l. which are excessively unreasonable, considering all the circumstances pursuant to art. 135 bis of the Consumer Code.
More specifically, please note that it will not be possible to repair or replace the defective product where the parts to be replaced or the product itself are discontinued or the manufacturer has ceased its business activity.
Please be also reminded that Fabbrica Servizi S.r.l. operates as a reseller of the products and, therefore, sends the defective product to dedicated servicing centres or directly to the manufacturer, and that Fabbrica Servizi S.r.l. conducts regular random checks on the products to verify their quality and conformity.


Milan, September 23rd, 2022

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