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Buy and support the restoration of Milan Duomo

  • Made in Italy
  • Official reproduction
  • Limited Edition
  • Add your name to the Donors Register

Made in Italy by the Nolana Del Giudice Foundry exclusively for the Veneranda Fabbrica, this precious Limited Edition model of the original statue was created using the lost-wax casting technique and is finished in gilded bronze.

It is possible to associate a donation of €100 with the product in support of the "Get Your Spire" fundraising project: in this way you will become a Veneranda Fabbrica Donor and can register your name in the Donor Register as testament to your contribution.

To do so, just ad the donation of € 100.00 to the cart in addition to the Madonnina.

The 2020 edition is available in only 60 unique copies , the edition number (1/60), engraved in gold colour on the pink, Candoglia marble plate is stamped directly onto the sculpture and enriches this work of art.

The Madonnina is packaged in an elegant durmast oak case with a sliding closure including the edition number and the Veneranda Fabbrica's official logo.

This precious sculpture is enriched by the special monograph "La Madonnina del Duomo di Milano". This unpublished editorial work tells the extraordinary history of the symbol of the city, including interesting anecdotes regarding the Madùnina, original photographs from the Veneranda Fabbrica's Historical Archive, and unpublished texts edited by the institution's experts.


La Madonnina del Duomo in gilded bronze

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