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  • Jaca Book and Veneranda fabbrica Edition
  • Available only in italian language


This book illustrates the history of the shapes of the cities and incredible monuments in Lombardy, from the Roman Empire up to the futuristic skyline of 2015. Photos taken as part of a special "bird's eye" photographic campaign, contributions comef from archaeologists, historians, art historians, and architects.The work also offers a closer look at the great Lombard Cathedrals, in particular Milan Duomo, symbol of the city and the entire region, told through unpublished images of extraordinary beauty.

Milan and Lombardy from above

SKU: EDIT-3015
€100.00 Regular Price
€85.00Sale Price
  • Language: Italian

    Pag: 328 p., ill. , Bound, hardcover

    Edit. 201 5

    ISBN: 9788816605213


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