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HD images and fine art paper

Guarantee Certificate with the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano's dry seal



"The Rebecchino and the Milan Cathedral, 1873-1875"


Crossing the large square overlooked by the Cathedral, it is difficult to imagine that until the end of the 19th century the appearance of these same places was so different.

For many centuries the Cathedral was surrounded by buildings of medieval and Renaissance heritage that almost leaned against it, creating a maze of narrow and winding streets in the surroundings that are really far from today's airy perspectives.

Among these buildings, the last to be demolished, to make room for the future Piazza del Duomo, was the Rebecchino, a composite set of buildings that housed numerous shops and businesses on the ground floor.

Milan Duomo and Rebecchino palace Print

  • Material: Full HD image made on 340g fine art paper.

    Packaging: Rigid tube (if the print is purchased without a folder)

    Dimensions: 30x40cm; 40x50cm; 50x70cm; 70x100cm.


    The 30x40 cm format does not have a caption at the base of the image and, in the version without folder, does not include a guarantee certificate.

    The guarantee certificate is provided with the purchase of special formats (40x50, 50x70, 70x100) or for all formats with folder.