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Buy and support the restoration of Milan Duomo

Made in ItalyHD images and fine art paper

Guarantee Certificate with the Veneranda Fabbrica del Duomo di Milano's dry seal

Finishes on demand



"View of the spiers of the Milan Cathedral, 1925"

Generations of photographers have been enchanted by the dizzying white architecture that can be admired from the terraces of the Duomo.

The forest of spiers that soar towards the sky is perhaps the most distinctive feature of the Cathedral: each of them is surmounted by a statue of a saint, who protects the busy and tireless city from above. Together with these figures, thousands more are revealed among the flying buttresses, in the falcons and in every minimal detail of the very rich decoration.

Strolling among the terraces of the Duomo thus becomes a path of continuous discovery among the testimonies of art and faith of over six centuries of history.

Print view of the spiers of the Milan Duomo

  • Material: Full HD image made on 340g fine art paper.

    Packaging: Rigid tube (if the print is purchased without a folder)

    Dimensions: 30x40cm; 40x50cm; 50x70cm; 70x100cm.

    The 30x40 cm format does not have a caption at the base of the image and, in the version without folder, does not include a guarantee certificate.

    The guarantee certificate is provided with the purchase of special formats (40x50, 50x70, 70x100) or for all formats with folder.