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"Madonna dell'Aiuto, late 15th century, Milan Duomo"

The "Madonna dell'aiuto (Madonna of the help) or "Madonna del latte" (Madonna of the milk) is a fresco found near the retrochoir of Milan Duomo, by the Southern Sacristy. The work, the author of which is unknown, probably dates back to the late 14th century but it has been extensively retouched and restored over the years: the repainting and addition of the little angels on the back of the throne is attributed to the painter Giovanni Sormani in 1556.

The painting, which has always been an object of great popular devotion, underwent a progressive

blackening over time due to the votive candles. It was for this reason that a copy was made, still

displayed in the north aisle.

Madonna dell'Aiuto Print

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  • Material: Full HD image on 340g fine art paper.

    Packaging: tube (if the print is purchased without a folder)

    Size: 30x40cm; 40x50cm; 50x70cm; 70x100cm.


    The 30x40 cm format does not have the caption and, in the version without the folder, does not include the Guarantee Certificate.


    The Guarantee Certificate is provided with the purchase of special formats (40x50, 50x70, 70x100) or for all formats with the folder.